Dinner: A Love Story

Tuesdays in Santa Barbara mean one thing to me: Downtown Farmer’s Market. This past Tuesday was no exception. With tomatoes galore and the rest of the summer harvest at my complete disposable, I had a great time picking out a dinner or two for this week. Here’s what made it home with me:

Strawberries, raspberries and blackberries – these are for my Jillian Michael’s protein shakes that Dahlia makes me drink every morning

Avocados – staple in our household

Squash Blossoms – something I have been wanting to try since I heard an NPR story on them two years ago

Eggs – because with the current salmonella outbreak, who wants to buy Ralph’s eggs? Especially when they personally call you to tell you that you should probably dump those eggs you just bought.

Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes – ‘Tis the Season. Need I see more?

So here was our dinner: Lightly Fried and Stuffed Squash Blossoms and Roasted Tomato Soup (by the way, it was amazing)

The tomatoes were sliced in half and seasoned with salt, pepper, herbs de Provence and drizzled with olive oil. I roasted them for about two hours. When they were done roasting, I peeled the skins and my handy dandy immersion blender – not sure what I would do without this. Thanks Aunt Karen!

The squash blossoms were cleaned and stuffed with herbs, goat cheese (unfortunately not from the Cheese Lady at the Farmer’s Market but you’ll learn more about her later) and a little bit of olive oil. I coated them in an egg and milk mixture and sprinkled with Japanese Panko crumbs. I lightly fried them for a few minutes until the cheese was melty and gooey and the crumbs were lightly fried – HEAVEN!

Voila! A wonderful dinner that was almost completely from the farmer’s market… if I would have only remembered the Cheese Lady…


3 responses to “Dinner: A Love Story

  • Mom

    Sounds and looks delicious! I hope Brad isn’t the only gineau pig.

  • Alicia

    Will you please bring me food when I have my baby? Your meal sounds AMAZING! Actually, will you just come and live with us and cook for me everyday? Or at least once a week? Keep the delicious posts coming. They give me inspiration!

  • Jackie

    Angelina – I think this is an exciting new adventure for you and I hope you continue to pursue this. And, of course, I’ll enjoy trying the recipes myself at home; unless you’re baking. You know I don’t like to bake. Your blog may turn out to be something akin to the Julia & Julie.

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