Peachy Bread Pudding

I recently learned that I like bread pudding. Like so many other things that I assumed I didn’t like (whipped cream – um, hello?! What was I thinking?), bread pudding was one of them. Now there are a few things that made this realization possible:

1- Brad likes to gamble

2- Chumash casino is less than an hour from our house

3- We both enjoy eating at the Chumash buffet

4- They serve bread pudding at said buffet

So one day Brad gets the bread pudding and he goes on and on about how amazing it is, so I try it. And it’s not so bad. Not my first choice for a dessert pick, but it was good. So the entire next week he goes on and on about me making bread pudding and blah blah blah. So I search for a bread pudding recipe that looks similar to what we had. And after a couple of weeks of searching and a few trips to the grocery store, I made the bread pudding – and it was a success. Brad loved it – probably more than the Chumash bread pudding, which makes me feel great.

So like all good things, I want to change it – put my own spin on it and call it my own. But Brad isn’t thrilled with this idea and because I don’t want to make it for myself, I refrain… until the plane ride back from Texas. Being the nice girlfriend that I am, I always give Brad the window seat and this time, it paid off. While he was snooping through the seat pockets, he found the new issue of People so I obviously get very excited. I’m a magazine junkie, I will read any and every magazine you put in front of my face, including the Bloomsberg Newsweek that mysteriously started showing up at my house. Anyway, as I am looking through the magazine, I see a recipe from Gail Simmons for Peachy Bread Pudding. What you don’t know, is we have had a couple of mishaps with peach cobbler lately and have been frantically searching the California markets for Texas peaches (not going to happen, we found out on our trip to Texas – and even found California peaches at Central Market – shame on you!). So anyway, it seemed like a perfect “solution”, if you will to both the peach dilemma and the wanting to revamp the bread pudding.

Brad sometimes gets obsessive with things and constantly buying peaches from the market has been one of them lately. So in a recent trip to the market, he buys not only peaches, but the Challah for the bread pudding. If you knew the past conversations that we have had about this, you would know that this is amazing. So to make a probably too long story end, I made the peachy bread pudding and I must say, it was pretty darn good.

Ingredients (my take on her recipe):


Challah with raisins

Maple Syrup

Sugar (raw sugar, not the white, refined crap)




Directions (my version, which is pretty close to hers):

Melt the butter and sugar, later add the cut peaches and maple syrup, stir over medium heat

Toast the Challah and then tear into pieces, fill a buttered casserole pan

Mix an egg or two and milk along with more sugar; pour over the bread mixture and then top with the peach mixture. Drizzle with more maple syrup. Cook for about 45 minutes (Brad likes it doughy) and serve with home-made whipping cream. Mmmmm


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