My co-worker (and friend) Sarah and I recently signed up for a six-week course on cake decorating through Santa Barbara Adult Education. I was a little disappointed in the the culinary classes that were offered this Fall, but Cake Decorating did lift my spirits a little and after attending the first class tonight – WOW! I’m sooooo excited.

Although I love making cupcakes, my idea of really decorating a cupcake is adding food coloring or sprinkles – not exactly prize-winning displays. So hopefully this class will really help, because the one-time class thing at SusieCakes, although fun, isn’t going to give me any decorating awards anytime soon.

Mariel, Me and Kristi at a SusieCakes Cupcake Decorating Class in Calabasas

After this first class, I am confident that not only am I going to learn a lot, it’s going to be pretty fun. I will spare you the dirty details of our “decorating kit” and all of the fun things I get to buy. The class has both beginning and advanced as well as though who fall into their own category – a REALLY talented beginner – that’s where Sarah and I fit. So after our first lesson in stars, I was confident that when I asked the teacher for the rolled out buttercream recipe that she gave to the advanced students, she would also give to be… um no. Oh well. Gives me something to work towards, I guess.

Here are the two cookies that I made. And if you had every seen my decorating skills before,  you will know that this is a huge accomplishment.

And here are Sarah’s boob cookies 🙂

So every Wednesday, I will update you on what I learned from the class the night before and hopefully have some photos. By the end of the 6 weeks, if you trust me, I will make your Wedding Cake 🙂 CHECK BACK SOON!


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  • Brad


  • momma

    These look beautiful and yummy. Lara had a buttercream frosting on Connor’s cupcakes the other day that included crisco. The frosting was so good, I was eating it by the fingerfull. Looks like a fun six weeks. Brad will need to really ride a lot to offset these treats!!!! Kathy

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