One Cake, Two Cake, Flower Cake, Fish Cake

As you know, I started my cake decorating class this week and it has pretty much been the only thing on my mind. I absolutely couldn’t stand it any longer, so today I made a cake and set out on my own duplicating the 18 Tip stars that I learned and the dental floss method of splitting a cake into two layers… lets just say that one of those worked and one, not so much (at least not like it was demonstrated in class).

Because I have never really done this before, I wasn’t really sure what to expect and let’s just say that my kitchen wasn’t the same as if I was making a three course meal. There is something a little more “type A” about sauteing, chopping and preparing food that baking and decorating just doesn’t have. But as with everything, it’s a learning experience, and as I destroyed my kitchen, dirtied just about every knife, bowl and spatula in the house, I thought of ways that I can better prepare for my next decorating experience.

Needless to say, it did work out and although my parchment icing bag didn’t turn out as well as it did during the practice run during class and my chocolate icing was perhaps a little too hard to squeeze out of the smaller tips, it worked for a first attempt and I am fairly happy with the results.

The first cake, the flower cake, is a double layer yellow cake with a chocolate pudding middle. It is covered in chocolate buttercream with vanilla buttercream flowers and link pink sugar balls for the centers.

And yes, that is Brad’s reflection in the cake plate 🙂

The second cake, the fish cake, is a single layer yellow cake also covered in chocolate buttercream. The fish was done with vanilla buttercream that I dyed.

And this is just some of my mess…

But I had fun and as with everything, you need to practice. So I practiced and now I have two cakes… Luckily I have a boyfriend who loves dessert and will basically eat anything. Eat away Brad… eat away.


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