Cake Decorating Slow-01

God bless her heart, but Lani is one of the slowest teachers I have ever had. I suppose that the art of cake decorating requires a steady hand and slow, thoughtful movements, but really, some of this is not okay. Not only did she not give me the rolled buttercream recipe last week (I copied it from an advanced student this week – ha!) but yesterday she didn’t let me double layer both of my cakes and practically forced me to wrap up my other cake. Although enraged, I complied but at one point, I was so bored, I got it back out and started unwrapping it to do decorate anyway. I have this weird disease that when someone tells me I can’t do something, I want to prove them wrong because really, how do they know what I can do?

I realize that this isn’t a great quality… I’m working on it. But as I recently read, women work harder at proving themselves – I guess it’s just in our nature. Years of being thrown on the backburner and not being trusted to do a “man’s job” and all.

Anyway, my cake. It was everything short of fabulous and I blame (because I like to do that) the class and a little bit of myself. It’s really hard for me to focus when the teaching moves at the pace of a snail. By the time half of the instructions are explained, I could have baked another cake. Leave it to Sarah and me to pipe out our pattern only to have it dry out on our parchment paper… and that’s after she already said that she didn’t like my piping gels and chastised Sarah in front of the entire class for her icing. You live and learn, I guess. And Sarah and I have learned that we are not exactly on Lani’s golden list. For some reason our excellent frosting skills didn’t impress her – go figure.

Anyway, another week down, another cake baked and consumed. Next week is cupcakes – hold on to your forks because I can make a mean cupcake.

Inspired by Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory


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