Basil and Buttercream

Let me first start by saying that Santa Barbara is not equipped to handle temperatures over 85 degrees let alone over 100. The iPhone weather app said 108 today in Goleta, and although I would agree with that because to me, it felt like I was literally melting, it was probably somewhere around 98-100.

Regardless, it was way too hot and my poor little basil plant found that out today. I thought nothing of it when I left the house this morning. If nothing else, my plants normally do not get enough sun – today that was not the case. Poor little Bailey the basil plant nearly died. Luckily Brad rescued him and he is safely resting in the house where I hope he will recuperate because I would like to make some fresh pesto with him soon. 🙂

And on another note, I am very thankful that I chose to do my baking yesterday instead of today. The thought of turning on the oven today makes my skin crawl and temperature immediately rise by another 10 degrees leaving my internal temperature somewhere around 110 – did I mention I always run hot?

So tomorrow’s decorating class is cupcakes. My six cupcakes are wrapped and ready to go and now so is my buttercream. Like I have previously said, the buttercream recipe on the back of the blue powdered sugar box is fine with me, but as we know from last week, not fine with Lani. So it’s back to the crisco frosting. I must say though, it does decorate nicely. Pictures and commentary from tomorrow’s class to come.


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