Cupcake Decorating

Last night’s class was all about decorating cupcakes… with flowers! Although I’m pretty sure that our class is taught with an old-school mentality, there really is something sort of classic about all of the flowers that were learned.

With our fantasic, criso-based buttercream frosting, we learned:

Drop flowers

Drop flowers with a twist

Drop flowers wtih Lani’s twist

Shaggy mum

Pom pom flower – not sure if this is a real flower



Here are some pictures… clearly I need some work – just topping them was difficult for me. Although what I am really learning in this class is that the consistency is everything. If the frosting is too hard, it breaks and doesn’t look even. If it’s too soft, it won’t hold its form. Practice will hopefully make perfect soon.

Next week’s class is a “final” of sorts. We will bake, split, fill and frost a cake before coming into class. During class, we are to decorate something fantastic – I’m thinking multi-tiered and something themed. Suggestions? If I use your suggestion, you’ll get a prize 🙂


One response to “Cupcake Decorating

  • Jaime

    Hey Girl! I am new to wordpress with my new baby blog… You got talent!! Kaitlyn would love to come over and bake with you. 😉

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