Cake – the 3 day process

For my cake decorating class this week, our assignment is to bring in a cake that we have already filled and frosted. The goal of the class is to come out with a completely decorated cake that shows the skills we learned during the past 3 classes. I previously asked you guys for suggestions on a theme and although I was very disappointed to see that even though I had a lot of “views” on my blog, no one left any suggestions 😦 I guess I should just be happy that you guys are still reading this… although suggestions would still be nice.

Anyway, here has been the process thus far: Saturday night: bake three layers of chocolate cake. I used the Trader Joe’s chocolate cake mix because I still haven’t found any cakes from scratch that I absolutely love and now is not the time to be messing around with new cakes – not with all the decorating I am going to have to do. Plus I have found that the TJ brand is good, dense and makes a lot of cake. After each layer was adequately cooled, I separately wrapped in plastic wrap and saved for the next day.

Sunday: obviously by now the cakes are completely cooled. This is the time to “shape-up” the cakes – trim off any hard edges, even out the tops, etc. When they were as even as I could get them, I filled each layer. For this cake I decided to go the rich and delicious route – between each of the three layers is a crunchy peanut butter and nutella mixture- mmmm. I piped chocolate buttercream around the inside of each layer to keep the yummy, gooey mixture in. After it was filled, I covered the entire cake in a thin buttercream coating (Lani calls it a crumb coating). I let this dry for a couple of hours and the covered the entire thing in chocolate buttercream – this will be the surface that I use to showcase my design. I was pretty lucky in getting the top and sides smooth – although it is far from perfect. I might try a thin consistency chocolate buttercream coating to even out the flaws… but I haven’t decided yet. I don’t want to mess it up, so I will have to do some digging around to see if this is what I actually want to do.

So anyway, tomorrow is the big day. I will post a picture after class and let you see the final project. I’m leaning towards an Autumn/Harvest type theme (plus I think the chocolate buttercream frosting will be a nice backdrop), but I am still open to ideas… anyone? anyone? Bueller?


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