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I finally finished my bulletin boards … actually, I finished them the other week, but I’ve been too busy to post them. I work in a small kitchen space and it’s not always easy to prop a book, the computer or whatever else I might be using for a recipe and let’s face it, recipe cards can easily be lost or covered in gunk. An easier way to follow recipes is to put them up higher (eye level is good) so it’s easier to read. I used to tape them to the cabinets but after multiple take downs to not only the recipe but the paint as well, I decided one small hole from a nail is a far better solution.

All of these were done with square cork boards. For the “dinner” I used black ribbon and the bottom is lined with burgundy ribbon that is also used to hang the board.

I’m not sure why the color is so off on this one… Anyway, I used Martha Stewart’s sticker ribbon for this. Although it would be better for a sewing project, I figured cooking involves measurements so hopefully it still works. I lined all all four sides with the sticky ribbon and used black ribbon for hanging.

Here they are!

I can use pushpins, tape, safety pins, earrings… pretty much anything my little heart desires – and I don’t ruin the cabinets any more.


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