Proceed With Caution

Yesterday was a perfect October day and to celebrate, we want on a bike ride to the Farmer’s Market… that was actually not why we went at all, but it just so happened to be perfectly cool and foggy and a perfect time to ride my cruiser. Brad needed to stretch his legs from his 70 mile bike ride in Solvang the day before – WAY TO GO BABE!!!! and an easy ride along the beach was perfect. This is what it looked like:

The sand and ocean lie beyond that fog and normally you can see it…

A quick stop at the Santa Barbara Fish Market to pick up some squid and shrimp. Unfortunately my dinner did not turn out as planned, but what did turn out was ok. We ended up having sauteed shrimp with butter herb rice. Unfortunately I had issues with my oil and if it wasn’t popping all over the kitchen, it wasn’t hot enough and therefore wasn’t frying my squid and making yummy delicious calamari – even though I did all of the legwork!

To make calamari:

First, get over the fact that it has eyes and it is staring at you – that kind of freaks me out. After that, you chop of the tentacles right below the eyes. Stick your finger beneath the head and take out the beak.

After you chop off the tentacles, place your fingers inside, get a firm grasp on the insides and pull out all of the gunk. You probably won’t pull it all out so make sure you squeeze from the bottom down, pressing out all of the gunk… and trust me, there is a lot of gunk. The above pictures is actually me pulling out it’s spine – sad, I know. But those poor little suckers taste so good.

That is some of the gunk. 1/2 pound is only about 5 squid and you get about 4-5 rings per squid, depending on the size you cut. I actually think I cut them too small. After you rinse the tubes, cut into rings, coat with an egg, some flour, panko crumbs and then deep fry in vegetable oil. VOILA – calamari.

Sorry I don’t have a picture of the finished product. We kind of ate them as they finished and then never really had enough to take a good picture. Next time…


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