Haunted House, Part I

Last night’s class was part 1 of making our haunted houses. Think a Christmas gingerbread house but scary. Wilton sells a pre-baked house for $9.99 at Michael’s.

Williams Sonoma also sells one, but from what I can see online, the only difference seems to be the price ($19.99)… although I cannot confirm. But on to the house…

We were pretty bummed to learn that we could only build half of the house last night… and that we actually DID need our sheet pans, who knew we actually needed to listen in class? Oh well. But we did the sides, front and back of the house and although Lani thought it would take the entire 3 1/2 hours, pretty much everyone was done before 8 o’clock… and so we left. Here is my house so far… the roof and yard will be done next week along with the sheet cake.

She left the option of doing our stencil at home. So any Halloween ideas to cover my sheet cake (once again) are welcomed. The sheet cake will be Brad’s favorite cake (I think it’s called Anna’s Cake) and I will share the recipe next week. I will also share how I make the stencils.


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