Food Inspiration

I sometimes get uninspired to cook – especially when I’m tired. When I am feeling overwhelmed or lacking energy, the last thing I want to do is cook – at least with something other than a box or a can.

Luckily I subscribe to a lot of food blogs and although I am looking at them while at work (shhhh, I multi-task very well), I get really inspired by the things that are out there and people are doing – I should be one of those people! So here are a few things that I have found particularly inspiring lately:

Vertical Pear Salad – arugula, pecans, cheese

Homemade bread

Candy Apples – LOVE these for Fall

This apple has been cured in lime pickle roasted and then hollowed out. We fill it with foie gras mousse, crisp pork tail, a puree of the apples inards, hazelnuts and shiitake mushroom. Check out Town House Blog

Themed cake balls – anyone wanna have a party??


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