Christmas Cupcakes

I realize that since “the incident”, I have only had two blog posts – I am slowly but surely working on this. Because I haven’t really been cooking, I haven’t had a whole lot to share. Grocery shopping has been simple as we are trying to learn heart healthy cooking. Other than the steak, mushrooms and broccoli (with no salt, I might add), we haven’t completely figured it out yet… we are getting there though.

I did, however, bake for the first time this past week. My friend Angie just bought a condo so we had a girls night to celebrate her tremendous achievement. What better to make than cupcakes that look like Christmas?

They were white cupcakes with buttercream frosting dyed red (or pinkish) with a candy cane on top.

Stay tuned because I am planning out my Christmas cookies/candies holiday menu for our Girls Christmas in 2 weeks!!!


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