If I ever move out of California, it’s now ok because I am the newest owner of one of these:

Coffee Bean’s Kaldi machine (find more info here) – YEAH! Exciting, I know. I’m sure that the only person in the world that will truly understand this is my bestie Kristi. No one enjoys CB as much as we do. And unfortunately for her, she lives in Virginia and doesn’t get to experience this love on a daily basis like I do… it’s very disturbing when I stray my home-state of California and a CBTL is nowhere to be found. Now, if I ever venture away, I will have my caffeine love with me, tucked away safely on the counter. Oh, and yes, I really did ignore my poor puppy for 30 minutes while I set up my new “coffee station”. And I must say, I’m quite pleased. Luckily Bella forgave me and is sleeping soundly next to me while I type.


So, although this isn’t food related, I’m hoping to enjoy my “homemade” English Breakfast Tea Lattes in the morning, with a homemade biscotti (coming soon).


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