Dr Pepper … Cake

I recently attended a baby shower where a few people were talking about coke cake… imagine my surprise when I, A, had no idea what they were talking about and B, actually figured out what they were talking about.

Here is the easiest cake recipe in the world:

1 can of soda – your choice. I used Dr Pepper because it’s Brad’s second favorite and I couldn’t find any Mtn Dew.


1 box of cake mix

Cook as per the box.

It come out moist and like a real cake… interesting… as I’m generally not a fan of soda, I can’t say that this would be my favorite, but it wasn’t bad. And I suppose that if I was in a crunch and didn’t have eggs or oil, this could be an easy solution. Now to find the perfect icing for a soda-flavored cake…


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