Perciatelli = Pasta Tubes

Interesting, right? I didn’t know what the name meant so I looked it up, turns out it means pasta tubes, which makes sense because the thick noodles are hallowed out. The hallowed out noodles were also an interesting concept because Brad and I seemed to notice at the same time. Anyway, on to the dinner. My wonderful BF made dinner last night- and it wasn’t even Valentine’s Day!! j/k He actually used to be the sole dinner-maker in the house, but over the last couple of years, it has changed.


Sun-dried tomatoes



Jumbo Shrimp

Clearly the long walks that Bella and Brad take are starting to pay off – especially when the pass the fish market at the harbor. Tonight’s dinner was solely based around the large, yummy shrimp that Brad picked up. He sauteed the onions in a bit of garlic and butter and added the tomatoes and shrimp, tossed with the pasta and olive oil – DELICIOUS! Really. Wouldn’t have been better if I would have made myself. 🙂


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