Po’ tine

My [poor] version of a poutine. It’s not even that it’s poor, because it was actually really good. It just isn’t “authentic”. Here’s why:

My obsession with the poutine started in Denver (see Trifecta Complete, Denver Day 3). However, while watching a rerun of No Reservations, Anthony Bourdain reminded me of the poutine – perhaps because I had never tried it, it didn’t stick. But like with all the food I had from Chef Jen, this stuck. A poutine consists of french fries, gravy, cheese curds and a meat (usually). What’s not to like? All my major food groups are there. But I think what really launched my obsession was my first poutine was with roasted duck, the best french fries ever and cheese curds that should have been illegal. As I sit here typing this, full from my version of the poutine, I think about that first one and my mouth waters. If I ever had to choose one meal that changed my life, this would be it. I mean, what other food have I talked about consistently for five weeks straight? … That’s what I thought.

Although the poutine is widely popular in Eastern Canada – think a warm diner in Quebec during the wintertime, my poutine was different. And before I started “studying” this food, I thought it was always a very gourmet-type of food. Not so, but so not relevant. A poutine is whatever you want it to be. Here is mine:

Homemade french fries – I used regular brown potatoes. Peel, slice and fry. That’s it.

Brown Gravy – because I don’t make my own gravy, I used one of those lame packets. Maybe next time I’ll make my own gravy.

Cornish Game Hen – roasted with olive oil, salt and pepper. Tender, juicy, yummy.

Gruyere and Bella Capra Goat Cheese – it’s been a while since I’ve visited the cheese lady at the farmer’s market and although I love her cheese, sometimes I just can’t wait until the downtown market on Tuesdays to try out my creations. The Bella Capra goat cheese was very good. Although it was my first time using their products, I will go back for more šŸ™‚ And if you are wondering why I didn’t use cheese curds, it’s because I still haven’t found any. If you have suggestions, please share. Because I’m not opposed to using them.

So here it is. My “po’tine”:

It was wonderfully yummy despite how the picture may portray it. Ask Brad, he will tell you. And although I liked it, I prepared myself that there was absolutely no way that it would ever top my first poutine. Sadly, it didn’t, but it is something I will definitely keep making.


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