S’more Stuffed Cookie

Two blogs that I read (picky-palate and craftzine) recently posted blogs of s’more stuffed choc chip cookies, brownie stuffed choc chip cookies and oreo stuffed choc chip cookies. And of course I had to try them. My friend Sarah was supposed to do the brownie stuffed cookies and we were going to compare, but something tells me she didn’t make them yet… 🙂

I followed picky-palate’s chocolate chip cookie recipe (substituting choc chips for a mix of milk chocolate and peanut butter chips) and loosely followed the adding the s’more part: I used cinnamon graham crackers, mini marshmallows and made a s’more that was half the size. Like so…

After having one of the best dinners we’ve had in a while (Filet Mignon w/ butter sauce and French Herb Roasted Potatoes – I’ll post more on that later), Brad also commented that these cookies were the best he’s had in a while so I decided to try one and I really liked them as well. I only made six with a s’more surprise inside and the rest of the batch with mini marshmallows (they were good too). I guess my recent purchase of two heavy duty sheet pans, two cooling racks and one large cookie sheet was worth it. Thank you Ross for selling named brand kitchen products – you might just be my new best friend! (just kidding Kristi)



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