How To Win A Cowboy’s Heart (or your friends’)

I recently gave my friend Nicole this cookbook for her birthday:

She doesn’t really cook, but I thought it was cute. Imagine my surprise when she said she’d make us dinner and use the book. Although I knew it would turn out ok, I honestly wasn’t expecting it to be as great as it was. She went above and beyond my expectations and I (and my belly) am so proud of her. Good job Nicco!

On the menu –

Roasted Sweet Potato and Red Pepper Soup with cornbread

Chicken Fried Steak and Asparagus

and since she did all that work, I threw in dessert –

Chocolate Bundt Cake with Whipped Cream, Strawberries, Raspberries and Blueberries.

So after invading (and destroying) my kitchen, she came up with this:

What you can’t see in the pictures is that she modified the recipes to limit the gluten and dairy. Smart, that girl. I guess that’s what people who diet and exercise do… I wouldn’t know 🙂 Regardless of any omissions, the food was great. And good for her! If she wouldn’t have told me, I probably would have never known.
Here are the modified recipes. If you don’t want to limit gluten or dairy, hopefully you know what to change.


2 large sweet potatoes

1 sweet red pepper

1/2 medium onion

3 14 oz cans chicken broth

2 carrots

sea salt & pepper

1/4 t cayenne pepper


1 C almond meal

1 C corn meal

1/4 C honey

1 t baking soda

1 C plain yogurt

2 eggs, beaten


1/4 C flour

2 large egg whites, lightly beaten

1/4 C cornmeal

1/4 C almond meal

1/4 C + 1 T cornstartch

1 t paprika

1 lb cube steak, divided into fours

sea salt & pepper

2 T oil

1 14 oz can beef broth

1 T water


oil, rosemary, salt and pepper

And Dessert…

Chocolate Bundt from Warren Brown’s “Cakelove”. I’ll post the recipe soon.


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