Dinner With Friends

We have arrived! We are the newest members of Denver, Colorado… more specifically the proud renters of a great loft apt in LoDo (lower downtown) in Prospect Neighborhood. We have almost been here a week and it’s been great – a little rainy, but great. Summer will be here soon enough and if we really wanted, we could go skiing. Anyway, enough about dinner, this blog is about food. And food we have eaten. I will skip the going out to eat and although I have a kitchen that is leaps and bounds above my other, we were actually invited to our neighbors for dinner (amazing how nice the people are here) and lucky for us, it was right across the hall and Bella was invited too since her new friend Bentley lives there. The menu:

Deep fried hard boiled eggs

Fried Chicken

Creamed Corn

Carmelized pears with vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce and crushed graham crackers

Oh yeah, you read all of that correctly. Feel free to go back, reread and drool, if you are so inclined. I am sitting writing this, amazingly stuffed and super impressed. This is what I’m talking about – Brody, you were a fantastic cook and Laura and Matt, great hosts. But please, back to the food. Deep fried hard boiled eggs… UMMMMM, why haven’t I thought of this?? They were absolute perfection. First, the hb’s were cooked perfectly – no nasty grey around the yolk and secondly, eggs, one of my favorites and fried, one of my other favorites, all rolled into one. I  will be talking about this for days. It is also rumored that he made a deep fried soft boiled egg – O M G. I have to try this.

The fried chicken was also really amazing as was the creamed corn and dessert. As I didn’t make it, I don’t have recipes for you, but I assure you, it’s a meal worth looking up and making. He did use buttermilk in the chicken and I did see a carton of cream for the corn – both things that are pretty darn good.

Thank you Brody, Laura, Matt and Bentley for making us feel welcome and filling our stomachs. I can’t wait to reciprocate. Perhaps a supper club will start? Ooooh, I can only hope!

Welcome to Denver.


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